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Non-Discrimination Statement
In the operation of this program, no child will be discriminated against because of race, sex, color, age, origin, or handicap.



Print this handy child care checklist to help you stay organized.


Serious inquiries whom have interviewed will be given contact information to my references.  This is to prevent parents from having to have too many phone calls.

Georgia Department Certificate of Registration

What does it mean to be registered as a family day care provider?

Georgia law requires a person providing family day care for pay for three to six children who are not related to the child care provider and who are not members of the providerís household, to be registered under the procedures established by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) Sec.49-5-1 et seq. Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning registers and monitors family day care providers under the Rules and Regulations for Family Day Care Homes Chapter 290-2-3.

A registration system that has been established by Bright from the Start enables family day care homes to come into compliance with the Family Day Care Rules and Regulations. A provider checks his/her home for compliance and certifies that he/she will maintain compliance with the Rules and Regulations for Family Day Care Homes.

The provider, all other adults who live in the home, and any other adult who assists the provider must undergo a criminal background check.

A Certificate of Registration is then issued by Bright from the Start. The provider is required to re-register annually (is kept on site for your review).

Criminal Records Checks

Family Daycare Homes 290-2-3-.04 Registration Requirements and Applications.

(a) Criminal Records Check Required. The provider, anyone over the age of 17 living in the home, and employees of a home must submit to criminal records checks in connection with any application for a registration.

1. Preliminary Records Check. Before a registration to operate a home may be issued there shall be on file with the department a satisfactory preliminary criminal records check determination on the provider and a preliminary records check application for all employees, to include adult persons who reside at the home or who, with or without compensation, perform duties at the home which include personal contact between that adult person and children in care.